"If you ain't 1st, you're last!"

  1. Be on time

  2. Have a work ethic

  3. Effort

  4. Body language

  5. Respect

  6. Energy

  7. Passion

  8. Be coachable

  9. Be Prepared

  10. "If you' ain't 1st, you're last!"

This list can apply to life, strongman, or any athlete out there today. I saw a similar "Top 10" list on line like this one this morning. I wanted to come up with

10 of the top things you should be aware of when training for strongman.

1. BE ON TIME - Strongman Saturdays happen around the world. General gathering times are around 10 or 11am. Whatever time it might be, show up at the set time. Don't be the guy who shows up 3 hours after everyone has started and then get mad when everyone leaves, just because you decide to show up late. Make it a priority to show up on time or don't show up.

2. HAVE A WORK ETHIC - You know a key factor in becoming a champion rather than just another chump? Work ethic. The ones that have it, rise to the top. The ones that always complain and find an excuse will undoubtedly fail.

3. EFFORT - Showing up on time is only the first step. Just because you're physically there, doesn't make your day done. Put forth an effort that would make your parents proud. If they wouldn't be proud, is it really enough effort?

4. BODY LANGUAGE - You've heard the expression before, "it's not what you say, it's how you say it?" Couldn't be more true. You might be quiet and not say anything, but rolling your eyes, not paying attention when someone is giving you advice, or even throwing your belt across the room after your frustration of missing a lift is all disrespectful to the gym owner and your group. One of my favorite quotes is, "act like you've been there before." Meaning act like a champion, don't be cocky, but be confident.

5. RESPECT - Be respectful and encouraging for everyone in your strongman group. Also be respectful to the equipment you are training on. If it were your equipment, would you treat it the same? I would hope so.

6. ENERGY - I'm not talking about energy drinks or pre-workouts. Bring some energy to your group of training partners. Create a buzz among your teammates. Be the person that gets a rally going among your troops.

7. PASSION - Have a passion for what you are training for. If you are passion about your sport, you are going to give it your all in and outside of training. If you aren't passionate about your sport, why are there in the first place?

8. BE COACHABLE - Remember there is ALWAYS someone that is stronger and knows more than you. If you don't agree with that then you are a moron and will never reach your full potential.

9. BE PREPARED - Training starts at 11am, be early! Be the first one ready and the last one to leave. Put in the work. Have a game plan in mind what you are doing, long before you step foot in the gym.

10. "IF YOU AIN'T 1st, YOU'RE LAST" - Ricky Bobby's dad said it best. In an day and age where participation awards are everywhere. No one wants hurt feelings, so we all get ribbons. Stop complaining and train to win. Don't just train because you want a cool picture for your social profile!

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