Sport specific training or lack there of

I decided to start a blog and jot down a bunch of ideas that run through out my mind daily. One of the more recent things I have come to question is sport specific training in today's world. Let me elaborate on what I mean through a few examples. Whether I'm training girls in gymnastics or strongman to lift cars, it's just that train for your sport! What do I mean by this you ask? I see far to many online coaches, personal trainers, and self proclaimed "guru's" think just because they have a few letter's behind their names or train certain athlete's that they can train everyone the same. They couldn't be more wrong.

Trainer's today should be studying what body movements are in their clients sport's themselves rather than reading an online personal trainer certification just to get a job at Globo Gym USA. Get involved in your client's sport/life!!! Stop reading other people's methods and trying to force feed it to your athlete's. Be the innovator instead of showing your client how to do what's popular. Just because Olympic lifting works for some aspects in strongman, does not mean you base you're whole training off it. That's insane. Everyone in strongman has an ultimate goal to become a professional one day right? So how are you going to be a pro strongman by stop lifting heavy and doing more "technique" exercises? Doesn't make sense when you sit down and think about it does it now? It's like teaching a gymnast how to squat, but yet you've never been to one of their meets. Fact is you CAN'T teach them squat and shouldn't be until you realize their way of squatting on a floor routine, is the opposite of the way you're fancy little certification book told you was the correct way and only way to squat.

My point is figure out what you really want in life. If it's to be a personal trainer or a online coach, then do your homework. Don't just get an online certification or degree from a college without getting your hands dirty and doing some research. Clients a lot of times don't know any better and are just signing up with you because a friend referred them to you or you have a strong online following. So because you have all of your clients hashtag you are the greatest online coach in everything are you really helping them? Maybe one of them does great with your programming and has huge success. You can't just use that program for everyone else. See what your clients are bad at and give them exercises that will help them specifically. Why give a strongman behind the back barbell jerks, when he's slow on farmers and needs grip work? Just doesn't make sense to me. Until next time, lift heavy and train like a caveman!

Coach Bix

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