• Kyle Bixler

Keystone 6 recap

For the 6th year, the "Keystone" returned to the York Barbell Hall of Fame, in York, PA. We wanted to make this year have some different events and they included an axle clean and press for reps, conan's wheel, a basket deadlift, farmer's walk and a sandbag with duck walk medley.

Cecilia Elam won the women's division and Jeff Ranne won the novice men's division. In the men's lightweight 175 class Nate Greene won and Ric Carroll won the middleweight 231 class. Brandon Fugett won the heavyweight class.

Some hightlights from the competition this year was Nate Greene going 245 feet with the conan's wheel. Brandon Fugett getting 15 reps on the basket deadlift. Michael Ciccone had a blazing fast time on the farmer's walk for 50 feet with 5.7 seconds!

Thank you again to all the helpers who made this year a great contest! We are already starting to plan big things for next year!


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