• Kyle Bixler

Pennsylvania's Strongest at the Kumite Classic 2017

This year at the Kumite Classic, brought Pennsylvania's Strongest! The "Kumite" as it's become known over the year's, has unofficially been the championships of Pennsylvania, bringing some of the strongest athletes from all across the country. This year we added the title of "Pennsylvania's Strongest" to the title.

The first major highlight that sticks out is from the novice class, Scott Shultz hit a grinder of a 650lb deadlift that sent the crowd crazy! Dan Nadvornik (sorry I always mispronounce your name!) had a great showing on the circus dumbbell with 10 reps, barely edging out Mike Ciccone's strong effort of 9 reps. Nadvornik went on to win the LW175 class. Jenn Gagliott won the women's class in convincing fashion and looks like she is determined to make another solid showing at this year's Nationals!

James Smith won the heavyweight class. With Zach Reed coming in 2nd and Damian Hollis 3rd. It was a great atmosphere and contest again at the Kumite Classic 2017! Can't wait to host another contest again there next year! As always thank you to all of the helpers that make this event successful each and every year. And thank you to the athletes putting on an amazing show of strength this weekend!


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