• Kyle Bixler

"Flip the switch"

As much as we talk about strongman and lifting weights in general, you can go through all the scenarios of how to become the strongest out there. To reach you goal, whatever that might be, one of the most overlooked factor's in achieving that goal are some of the every day stresses in life. Most of us train either before or after work. That means everyday life events are going to happen and you have to figure a way out to not let it effect your training.

Most of us have our phone on us at all times. People expect a response instantly and if you don't respond right away to someone's email, text, social media status, they question if you are ok? I am guilty as the next guy on this one too, as i always try and respond to emails as fast as possible, but really how hard would it be to just turn your phone off while you train? Even if you don't check you're phone, are you really concentrating on your training? Or are you worrying about work, family, or friends?

When you enter the gym to train, you need to leave the outside world behind. Whether it's your work, paying bills, or even just the simple day to day hustle that might have you stressed, you need to leave it outside. Find a way to "flip a switch." I know it's easier said than done, but if you are worried about something that happened at work, mentally you are draining yourself before you even step on the platform.

As you see in the picture above, Lincoln Hawk had his own way of "flipping the switch." He would turn his hat from front facing, to a backwards hat that you see above. If you don't know the movie I'm referring to, your homework is to google it, find out the movie and then watch it! But no, Hawk uses his hat to flip his switch and get ready to arm wrestle. For other's, they might go through a ritual while setting up for the deadlift. Same thing every time. Maybe it's a certain way they strap into bar before pulling or they might even need someone to slap them on the back before getting ready to deadlift. The important thing is finding out what "flips your switch" and makes you focus on the task at hand.


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