Contact info:

Tel: 610-864-0654


Tony Bianco

Age:  37

Weight Class:  LW 175


Thriller Throwdown Oct. 2014 (Novice) 6th

Are You Stronger Than Santa Dec. 2014 (Novice) 5th

Krank'd 7 Feb. 2015 (Novice) 2nd

Kumite Classic May 2015 (LW 175) 3rd

Thriller Throwdown Oct. 2015 (LW 200/weighed in at 168) 4th

PA Dutch Strong 5 Mar. 2016 (LW 175) 3rd

Eye of the Tiger Jan. 2017 (LW 175) 1st

Favorite Event:  Deadlift

Least Favorite Event:  None (although my pressing sucks)

It's like Walter Sobchak (The Big Lebowski) says:

"You're entering a world of pain.", 

and let's not forget...

"If you WILL it, it is NO dream!"