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Coach Bix's Training Corner

April 13, 2019

Great weekend for the 11th year of Delaware's Strongest! Here are the Delaware State records that were set April 6, 2019:

Axle press:

Joanne Mulligan - women’s lightweight class - 180 pounds

Mead Jackson Reyes - women’s middleweight class - 180 pounds

Vivian Nguyen - women’s heavyweight class - 200 pounds

Ross Manaraze and Chris Lindsay - men’s lightweight class - 245 pounds

Will Harris - men’s middleweight 200 class - 245 pounds


July 17, 2017

What a great weekend in Baltimore for Teambix! Sean Adams won the mw231 class and Jeff Henderson won the Master's class. Dave Lashaw finished 4th in Master's. John Welsch finished 6th in the mw200 class and I finished 4th in the HW class.

June 20, 2017

For the 6th year, the "Keystone" returned to the York Barbell Hall of Fame, in York, PA. We wanted to make this year have some different events and they included an axle clean and press for reps, conan's wheel, a basket deadlift, farmer's walk and a sandbag with duck walk medley. 

Cecilia Elam won the women's division and Jeff Ranne won the novice men's division. In the men's lightweight 175 class Nate Greene won and Ric Carrol...

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